AUTEL sequential timers are designed to control solenoid valves for filtration systems. Two knobs with graduated scales enable the user to set the pause time and the operation time. (On request they can also be equipped with a post-cleaning input. The duration of the post-cleaning cycle is variable- up to 30 minutes set by means of a third potentiometer.

Shown at the right is a typical SEQUENTIAL PULSE TIMER model- ECO 12. Available up to 12 V.  The timer will command only the outputs conected to a load and the sequence will be automatically regulated.

The timers are equipped wth LED’s to display activation of outputs, pause phases and power on.

The standard specification incorporates AC output with the output stage protected with zero- crossing activation/ deactivation to reduce disturbance. Versions optimal specification is available with 12 V DC ad or 24 V DC operating voltage.

Each timer is mounted within a polycarbonate enclosure with transparent lid and IP56 protection rating.

Individual timers available

  • 4 Valves
  • 6 Valves
  • 12 Valves
  • 20 Valves
  • 32 Valves
  • 64 Valves
  • 96 Valves

All standard timers offer

  • 24V
  • 110V

Optional timers are available in either:

  • 12V DC
  • 24V DC versions


  • 12 Valve Control
  • Absorbed power: 30 V AC
  • Fuse:  2 A (quick acting)
  • Operating Temp: -10°c – +50°c
  • Pause Time Duration: 0.05 – 180 sec
  • Operation Time Duration: 0.05 – 1 sec
  • (Optional) Post-cleaning Time Duration: 1-30 min
  • Accuracy: 0.01 sec
  • Outputs: Triac with zero- crossing activation/ deactivation

Key to Diagram

  1. F1 Main protection fuses F2 Load protection fuse
  2. Power supply terminal board
  3. Post-cleaning input (on = post-cleaning; off = stop)
  4. Input for DPF-10 differential pressure gauge (Optional)
  5. Power mains indicator LED
  6. Pause indicator LED
  7. Solenoid valve output terminal board
  8. Active output indicator LED
  9. OPERATION time adjusting knob
  10. PAUSE time adjusting knob
  11. Automatic/ Manual selector
  12. Fixing bracket
  13. Post cleaning time adjusting knob